OKR is a goal management system that helps a company cascade long-term and ambitious visions into short-term and measurable results. The focus is on transparency of goals, focusing on the essentials and the strong involvement of employees.

Many companies find it difficult to translate ambitious visions into concrete activities whose success can be measured on a regular basis. Whether a strategy is actually being pursued and whether the operational actions are paying off in terms of the goal set can therefore only be assessed after a longer period of time.

The OKR (Objective & Key Results) target management system has proven its worth in meeting this challenge. As a further development of Management by Objectives (MBO), the method is based on two simple questions: Where do I want to go? (Objective). How do I achieve it? (Key Result). It is not so much a matter of defining tasks, but rather of formulating a goal, deriving the necessary steps and making them measurable.

OKR is more than a strategic target system

With our expertise in the areas of optimization and transformation, we support our customers in successfully introducing OKR. In addition to the introduction of the target system, our focus is on an optimal adaptation to the customer’s situation. In particular, employee activation, prioritization, focus, transparency and the communication of the corporate vision are critical success factors.

We look forward to convincing you of OKR, which has not only inspired us, but has also given structure to many well-known companies in Silicon Valley and thus opened up growth perspectives.

Photo by @clarktibbs on Unsplash