Implementing an executive management change with Multiversum program for professional CEO onboarding ensures a fast and successful transition process for your organization.

Is your organization facing a transition in top level management? The need for a new executive can arise from a variety of reasons – be it a classic generation change, a change along a transformation or a change for personal reasons. The perception of the CEO plays a significant role in successfully guiding your organization through a shift in top level management. A strategic communication management plan is a valuable method to successfully map out the first 100 days and to effectively develop the future positioning strategy.

In the case of a transition in top level management, it is important to set a stage for the person to address specific issues and to build up or expand their network, both within and outside the organization. Our expertise and personal support at Multiversum ensures the successful management of a CEO transition and the (re)orientation of your organization’s exectutive management.

Multiversum program for successfully onboarding a new CEO

Our company designs a bespoke communication concept and supports the development of an external reputation-building strategy that is critical to success, with the involvement of all relevant stakeholder groups. This includes a special focus on the company’s employees and, therefore, the implementation of an internal communication strategy as well.

Multiversum’s program includes the following measures in the strategic (re)positioning of top level management and to quickly establish their standing among internal and external stakeholders:

Preparing a detailed plan for the first 100 days, focusing on two top strategic issues, positioning this strategic issues (e.g. for media articles, interviews, key notes, studies, etc.), structuring stakeholder engagement (e.g. political decision-makers, opinion leaders, etc.), enabling the successful definition and implementation of top priorities and goals as well as fostering corporate social engagement.

In addition, we help with the development and implementation of the internal communication strategy. In the first step, we analyse existing communication formats and channels. In the next step, we outline a custom-fit concept for internal corporate communication activities for the CEO to actively take part in. Therefore, we can respond to your company’s individual needs, such as the development of an app that can be helpful in the context of a change process.

Multiversum have many years of experience in leveraging social media platforms. We are happy to help you integrate social media channels into your corporate communication strategy as well as translating your goals into KPIs. In terms of content development we provide training for the editorial team and creating relevant content on the focus topics.

To learn more about Multiversum program for CEO onboarding, please feel free to contact us. We are at your side during the company handover.

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