27. - 30. September 2022
Multiversum Consulting, Halle B2 EG, Stand 324

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Smart systems, sustainable developments, political decisions and industrial challenges. The wind sector is facing a period of changes. Wind as a renewable energy is considered one of the energy suppliers that is currently and will be in the future of increasing importance.

This is not the only reason why companies in and around the wind sector are facing new topics that go beyond wind energy specific ones. The mega-trends in society and the demands of external stakeholders also offer potential for companies to evolve and find new solutions to familiar problems.

As experts in wind energy as a business model, digital solutions and sustainable developments, we were pleased to be exhibiting at WindEnergy 2022 in Hamburg.

Here is our review:

WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 – Multiversum focuses on sustainability, redispatch 2.0 and artificial intelligence

WindEnergy 2022 opened its doors in Hamburg from September 27-30, 2022. A trade fair serves as a marketplace for exchanging information on the latest developments and solutions for topic areas. But what makes a good trade show appearance? Is it the innovative exhibition stand? The exciting exchange with experts and further interested parties? The holding of stimulating presentations? Or the meeting with clients and partners after a long time with as few personal conversations as possible?

Our impression is that it is the interaction of all issues that makes a trade fair appearance successful.

At the beginning, we were already able to greet our direct neighbors and make initial contacts while we finished our booth. The following days focused on a selection of our Multiversum talents: Sustainability, Redispatch 2.0 and the use of artificial intelligence using the AI Design Sprint™.

At the beginning, we were already able to greet our direct neighbors and make initial contacts while we finished our booth. The following days focused on a selection of our Multiversum talents: Sustainability, Redispatch 2.0 and the use of artificial intelligence using the AI Design Sprint™.

The first presentation at the Speakers Corner was about getting started with sustainability using a materiality analysis. This educates companies that getting started with sustainability does not require a large investment and the first steps can be taken quickly. Feel free to analyze your sustainability performance online via the free Sustainability Assessment.

A presentation directly at our booth dealt with the Multiversum talent Redispatch 2.0. The audience could learn how grid feed-in management works and what the new regulations around Redispatch 2.0 mean for plant operators. On our website you can find more details about Redispatch 2.0.

The next day, another presentation followed at the Speakers Corner on the topic of AI Design Sprint™. With explanatory cards (so-called AI Cards), Artificial Intelligence can lead to an efficient structure in your company via strategic and operational workshops. Read on our website how Multiversum can help you to get started using Artificial Intelligence.

In the evening, we toasted with the visitors at the Multiversum booth and had a lively exchange about the topics before heading to the afterparty with clients, new contacts, friends and of course our great team.

Overall, the days were used to talk about new opportunities, innovative ideas and potential collaborations. We start with a positive mood of departure into the mastering of the Multiversum talents , which are currently so important for the industry – across industries – and look forward to further contact with old and new faces!


Our presentations at WindEnergy 2022


You are lost between the rising demands and expectations of your stakeholders regarding ESG and the vast amount of existing frameworks, regulations and occurring buzzwords?
We have developed a solution that offers small and medium sized businesses to gain orientation within their own performance (where do we stand?), derive their own ambition and find out about potential for optimization.
We would like to give you a quick insight on how this assessment works and how it might help you or your serviced-based partners along the supply chain to ensure a seamless ESG awareness and management.


Do you know how to use artificial intelligence (AI) in your business?
Questions about the value of AI, how to get started, and whether AI is really the suitable technology prevent many companies from starting their AI journey.

Learn how to get started and harness the power of AI.


The challenges as well as impacts of Redispatch 2.0 are numerous. Our presentation will provide exciting information about the initial findings and statistics in the wind industry and show possible solutions to various problems.


Multiversum offers many years of project and consulting expertise in the wind energy segment and related industries.

In particular, we present our solutions for the following topics at WindEnergy:


Electricity grid operators are responsible for the stability of the electricity grid. In order to ensure this, power generation plants must be temporarily deactivated by grid operators. Since October 2021, this is happening as a part of the so-called Redispatch 2.0 process. Plant operators can claim compensation for any losses incurred.


In the event of a technical disruption of the grid connection of offshore wind farms, operators quickly face high losses as no electricity can be fed into the grid. Starting from a total duration of more than 10 days per year, affected plant operators are entitled to claim compensation. The associated calculations are complex and governed by various specifications.


As a societal mega-trend, sustainability influences all areas of action of every company. In addition to legal requirements, the expectations of customers, employees, and investors must be met. The strategic integration of the topic into corporate strategy helps to implement goals and measures that have been set.


Floating Lidar technology has become the de-facto standard for conducting measurement campaigns in the offshore industry in recent years. Compared to fixed weather masts, it offers offshore wind farm developers a cost-effective way to record all important environmental parameters.


Companies increasingly have to react quickly to unforeseen changes in the market. In this context, agile management approaches that constantly adapt to market conditions and offer employees and managers alike the room to act as required in the current market situation can help.


Two-thirds of German companies consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be the most important technology of the future. Nevertheless, there is a lack of application fields in the corporate environment. And yet there are opportunities to increase efficiency, especially in manual and repetitive activities in established processes.


Digital transformation in companies often deals with key topics without highlighting specific options for action. Yet there are processes that are characterized by manual activities, repetitive efforts, and systemic breaks. Here, digitization offers a potential to increase efficiency and controllability.


The vision and mission of companies is becoming more and more relevant in society. For consistent implementation, employees are an indispensable success factor. Through the OKR method (Objectives and Key Results), clear goals can be developed in teamwork. This generates more focus and thus correspondingly more growth.


The executive management in companies are increasingly recognizing the opportunities offered by transformation in the organization. Agile methods, transparent communication and silo-independent thinking can be used to strategically plan and implement change processes for the company that simplify changes instead of making them more complicated.

These are the topics you can expect at WindEnergy 2022. Find out about other topics and starting points here.