The Multiversum-PrincipleOur Solutions

We don’t just provide one solution to solve a problem.
We develop individual solutions and ways of problem solving that are tailored to your clients needs.

Taking the starting point, they provide us with, we start to optimize ways to transform their projects and businesses, open pathways they had not thought would be possible and find solutions that go hand in hand with our values – agility, digital problem solving and sustainable solutions.

Multiversum-Chart-Illustrator Digitalization | Sustainability | Change

OPTIMIZEOur Promise: Improve what is already there

  • Improve existing structures by making them more secure, reliable and durable – or with one word: better.
  • Find and show new ways and paths.
  • Find and present potential in your company.
  • Improve the good, let go of the bad and think of how to better things.
  • Optimize processes and concepts (example: areas of business and new products).
  • Find realistic goals together and work on realizing them.

INNOVATEOur Promise: Prioritize Innovation

  • Give impulses to our clients to help them innovate their business, products and work on new ideas for their future.
  • Provide help with business-related decisions that will ensure the increase of profitability and competitiveness on the market.
  • Help with optimizing the structural goings-on in your business and improve actions (Do‘s and Dont‘s).
  • Let creativity flow and give it the chance to find individual and out-of-the-box solutions for your business.

TRANSFORMOur Promise: Make Change possible

  • A strategy stays a theory – it has to be able to compute in the business. Make it happen!
  • Together we will draw up a plan for achievable and improving goals for your company.
  • We accompany and supervise complex transformations and projects from the first steps of theoretical planning to the completion and practical use in the workplace.
  • Creating and steering work cycles in the company.
  • Include the workforce in changing processes and actively work with them to make the company successful.

SOLUTIONOur Solution for You:

Today, companies can only be successful in the long term if digitization and sustainable action play a significant role.

The so-called Twin Transition is a booster for companies and has the great advantage of driving both topics forward at the same time. This means a major change that should be accompanied by active change management from the very beginning.

With our Multiversum-Principle, we initiate the development in your company and accompany you from the strategic alignment of your own business model to the implementation of necessary actions.


Driving digitization forward:
Companies are still not extensively digitized. Automating workflows speeds up processes, minimizes sources of error and significantly reduces costs. A high degree of digitization also offers the opportunity to discover new markets.

We question the business models of companies to the point of disruption and help our customers to generate new products from data, achieve efficiency gains and secure their long-term survival.


Investing in sustainability:
Sustainability has never been so important. Sustainable business practices have been proven to improve performance, conserve internal and external resources, and ensure companies comply with current EU directives.

We support companies in thinking about existing business processes in such a way that sustainability becomes a constant part of their business model and sustainable innovations find a place in the company. In this way, companies can make an active contribution to climate protection.


Accompanying Change:
“Nothing is as constant as change” (Charles Darwin). We support our clients in developing an appropriate awareness of change, communicating the added value in a way that is appropriate to the target group, and counteracting fears of change. Only if everyone pulls together can change be successfully implemented in the long term.

We help our customers to identify the relevant stakeholders with proven methods and to reach them with tailored communication measures in order to ideally integrate change as a bridge between the topics of digitalization and sustainability in the course of the twin transition.



Do good and talk about it – and that is why we would like to give you the opportunity to gain insights into selected projects. Below you will find excerpts from our projects, in which we outline the initial situation and challenges, our approach and our path to a sustainable solution in accordance with our Multiversum Principle.
“Multiversum has helped us implement our new business strategy, and the OKR methodology has been instrumental in its success.”

Dr. Martin Brölsch
(Managing Director)
"We are delighted with Multiversum GmbH's expertise on ESG issues. A team of experts actively supported us in shaping Salzgitter AG's sustainability strategy and always went the extra mile. A collaboration at eye level that I am happy to recommend!"

Gunnar Groebler
(Chairman of the Management Board)

„With the help of Multiversum we greatly improved our cost control tool which resulted in much better control over our portfolio across our markets“

Ruben van Bavel
(Director Onshore Controlling)