CoachingConsulting28. August 2023


Stretch Goal is one of the five superpowers of the agile framework OKR. It describes goals which can only be achieved in optimal environments and promote innovative solutions and ideas. Stretch goals allow companies to think outside of what has previously seemed possible and discover alternative outcomes.

OKR (Objectives & Key Results) is an agile framework that enables the company to consistently pursue its vision throughout the organization. Transparency, Alignment, Focus, Engagement and Stretch Goals are the five superpowers of this method. In this article, we highlight the Stretch Goals superpower, which specifically sets ambitious goals without overwhelming teams.

In the OKR Framework, Stretch Goals are integrated, which aim to achieve particularly ambitious goals for the company. The aim is to set goals that could only be achieved under optimal conditions. It seems almost impossible to achieve those results through one’s own efforts. The team is encouraged to use all available resources to achieve the best possible result and to dynamically adapt to changing (external and internal) conditions without losing sight of the essentials (you can read more about this in the next news article on superpower Focus).

The superpower Stretch Goals as a catapult out of the comfort zone

Stretch Goals are the ideal foundation when implementing your vision and create an environment where employees are able step out of their comfort zone and identify opportunities as they progress. In other words, innovation is most likely to be found where people think outside of existing possibilities. Engaged teams, transparent requirements and coherent ways of working find solutions along the way that were not expected at all.

Companies that work with the OKR method provide the basis for a common mindset and language for their teams, motivate them to perform at their best and enable employees to achieve shared goals and results as well as to fully exploit the power of this method. Would you like to learn more about the OKR Method and how it can benefit your vision? Please feel free to contact us.

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