Whether you need to optimize processes, develop new business models or uncover fields of application for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the company, our AI Design Sprint™ enables decision makers and their teams to develop AI solutions customized to their unique business challenges using interactive AI cards.

Can you answer one of the following questions with “Yes”: Do you want to or even have to improve the processes in your company to work more efficiently and proactively? Are you missing IT Knowledge and time to evaluate the value of all new technologies on the market for your company? Do you know whether you should introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your company?

Then, we recommend you our AI Design Sprint™ (certified by 33A). It enables a very quick and easy understanding of the range of AI technologies with explanatory AI Cards. Based on this, we can develop AI concepts and realize solutions effectively focusing on the needs of your company. Along the way you will also learn a lot about the possibilities that AI has to offer and how to utilize the potential to its full extent.

In recent years, many companies have focused on digitizing individual workflows, introducing new systems and making data digitally available. Now comes the next step in digitization. AI is increasingly being recognized by companies as the decisive technology of the future. In this context, the most concise advantages of AI are in improved problem analyses, accelerated processes and, above all, the possibility of forecasting and relieving employees.

So far, the potential of artificial intelligence is only used in 8% of companies

Benefits of AI seem difficult to assess, especially since the introduction of the technology itself, parallel to everyday business, is considered extremely complex. A bitkom study, for example, confirms that the use of AI is only used by 8% of companies. This is exactly where the AI Design Sprint™ comes in. Based on the Google Design Sprint, companies can be examined for AI potential or even concrete AI concepts for improving their own processes or products/services can be developed in just 2 days. For that, we put our trust in innovative methods from Design Thinking and agility.

Are you interested in learning more? Use your chance today and register for our free Webinar on 13th of July from 11:00 to 12:00 am; please register here: „Artificial Intelligence – Time to Explore“. For those who want to learn and try out the methodology in more depth, our Experience Sessions are ideal afterwards. Take the chance and register today! If you have any questions about the agenda or anything else, please feel free to contact us.

Photo by @Alex on Adobe Stock