ConsultingDigitalisation16. December 2020DIGITAL HYGIENE OPTIMIZATION – KI IN HEALTHCARE

Hospitals and healthcare facilities face the challenge of ensuring compliance with hygiene measures in times of the Covid 19 pandemic to ensure infection prophylaxis. With the digital hygiene quick check, it is possible to protect patients and employees from possible infections using AI-based technology.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are currently facing the challenge of ensuring compliance with hygiene measures at all times to ensure infection prophylaxis. In times of the Covid-19-pandemic and tremendous stress on the healthcare system, it is vital to protect patients and staff from possible infection.

Stress, long duty hours, and habituation inadvertently create errors in the proper use of necessary protective gear among healthcare professionals. Using AI technology, it is now possible to automate the checks that would otherwise be carried out manually, thus avoiding the unintentional errors with little resource involvement.

With digital hygiene quick check to more safety and relief of the personnel

With the help of optical sensors in interaction with artificial intelligence, compliance with hygiene guidelines can be ensured effectively, efficiently and in compliance with DSGVO. The virtual hygiene sluice replaces the look in the mirror and checks whether the protective clothing has been put on correctly. If, for example, the goggles have been forgotten or the surgical hood does not fit properly, the AI points out the corresponding errors in real time. All image data is translated into a 3D model and anonymized. The analyzable data documentation can then be used, for example, to reduce insurance premiums.

In partnership with the AI developer Darvis, we offer a holistic implementation of the virtual sluices – from the initial requirements analysis, through project management, to successful handover. In addition, we check whether there is a funding possibility for the digital hygiene optimization with the Hygiene Quick Check within the framework of the current Hospital Future Act and support you with the application.

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