The "Sustainability Journey" provides guidance for companies to assess their sustainability levels. From reactive "Crisis Management" to the proactive integration of sustainability as a corporate purpose, it enables a customized strategy.

In an era where sustainability is emerging as an unavoidable pillar of corporate responsibility, companies navigate through a dense forest of initiatives, measures and compliance in search of the right path. Despite the familiarity with the subject, there are numerous approaches, leaving companies bewildered at the beginning of their sustainability journey.

So, where to start? To answer this question, it is important to know the status quo. Analyzing initiatives and structures allows for a quick assessment of the sustainability status of companies. A big advantage: It is possible without great effort and companies can check this independently.

Using the Multiversum “Sustainability Journey” to determine current positions and set appropriate goals

Our approach of a Sustainability Journey is divided into four stages. In the first stage, “Crisis Management,” companies respond to obvious problems such as legal violations. They meet the required compliance level and comply with legal requirements and reporting standards.

In the “Resource Optimization” stage, companies conceptualize and implement measures that promote sustainability while reducing costs, such as energy efficiency projects.

Companies in the “Market Optimization” stage increase revenue and customer loyalty for strategic growth. This is the transition to the final stage: “Purpose-Driven” companies have already firmly embedded sustainability in their culture and focus on long-term goals and holistic integration into all areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we lead the way in your sustainability journey. Additionally, we assist you in defining a tailored sustainability strategy and identifying and implementing specific measures tailored to your sustainability level to enhance your individual sustainability performance.

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