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We often focus too much on the output and forget that the outcome is much more important in order to act in a value-adding and sustainable way. A high output (quantity) does not necessarily ensure the desired outcome (quality).
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In today’s fast-paced business world, it is critical for any organization to understand the difference between output & outcome. We often see confusion between these terms, which can lead to strategic missteps. Output refers to the direct results of activities, such as the number of products produced or services provided. Outcome, on the other hand, refers to the long-term impact or change brought about by these results.

Companies often focus heavily on output, as this is tangible and easier to measure. Outputs such as sales figures, production numbers and project completions are undoubtedly important. However, they are only one side of the coin. The true measure of success lies in understanding and achieving the desired impact.

Shifting the focus: From output to outcome

As experienced consultants, we advocate an increased focus on outcomes and rely on Objectives & Key Results (OKR) in implementation. Outcome thinking is crucial in the OKR method as it helps companies to achieve long-term goals and changes. Outcome-oriented OKRs promote sustainable development and competitiveness.

At Multiversum, we not only use OKRs internally, but also advise our clients on their applications. Our view of OKR emphasizes not only the way to achieve a goal, but above all the successful achievement of the goal itself. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss this with you.

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