The Collaboration Hub is a platform for companies who want to digitize their knowledge management and collaboration between employees. Using existing products, such as the applications from the MS365 package, new solutions are evaluated here together with future users and adapted to their needs.

Through their everyday work, employees in companies are the experts on work processes and often recognize direct potential for optimizing their daily business. Even before the pandemic, one goal was to share this knowledge within the company and create a digital place for collaboration. In recent years, this goal has been significantly amplified by home office and remote work. New opportunities for exchange, outside the office, have a very high demand.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration is a relevant success factor for companies. This requires a user-friendly structure that is actively used and maintained. However, this can only be created in cooperation and coordination with all employees from the departments.

The Collaboration Hub as a combination of exchange and collaboration

A collaboration hub is a platform that is developed jointly by and with the future users from the very beginning. At the start of this project, a great deal of coordination is required, but this is quickly rewarded. Through the commonly identified requirements and tools and functions aligned to them, an optimal place for digital collaboration is created.

In the first step, the platform is set up with existing knowledge and process recordings. Based on this, the team from the respective department develops the Collaboration Hub independently and designs it according to its own needs.

A Collaboration Hub can very easily consist of tools such as MS SharePoint and MS Powerplattform – the so-called no-code solution. Thus, it can be an ideal solution for your company to give employees the chance to share their existing knowledge and continuously optimize work processes. The ongoing integration of users into the requirements and design processes ensures a smooth handover and allows departments to further develop individual page areas.

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Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay